Points Format

GI and NOGI is for POINTS using IBJJF system.


IBJJF rules for all Gi matches

nogi matches are by our rules. 

Weight classes and division rules

Adult Mens

135lb and under





196lb and over



115lb and under

116 – 129lb

130 - 145lb

146 - 160lb

Over 160lb


Kids and juvenile

45lb and under










146 and up


Weight classes are subject to change and merge.

One pound allowance allowed.


Kids Ages








Time limit

3 min kids and teens 

5 min for novice and beg

6 min intermediate/blue belt 

7 min advance/purple and up 

Skill level adults NO-GI

Novice: less than 6 months

Beginner: Up to 2 years, white belts only.

Intermediate: 2 – 5 years, or blue belt.

Advanced: Over 5 years, or purple belt and above.


Skill level kids NO-GI

Novice: less than 6 months

Beginner: 6 mos – 1 yr

Intermediate: 1-2 yr

Advance: 2-3yr

Expert: 3+ years



Skill level kids GI

Kids – White, Grey, Yellow, Orange, Green


Skill level adults GI

Juvenile and Adult – White, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black


ALL DIVISIONS Illegal moves

  • Striking of any kind

  • Grabbing opponents windpipe

  • JUMPING guard (pulling guard is ok) no flying scissor takedown

  • No eye gouging

  • Slamming

  • Biting

  • Fish hooking

  • No small joint manipulation (less than three fingers at a time).

  • Spitting

  • Swearing/cursing

  • Slamming during a takedown

  • Spiking an opponent on their head or above their shoulder blades.

  • Pulling hair

  • Pinching or twisting of skin


  • Un-Sportsman-like conduct

  • Throwing an opponent off of the mat

The referees will be shown maximum respect at all times. Their decisions are final and will not be overturned.



(No Gi) Rules Adults

  • The only submissions below the waist legal for novice and beginner, are straight ankle locks (straight foot lock) and knee bars.

  • All submissions are allowed in intermediate and advanced Men’s and Women’s No-GI divisions. Heel hook, Neck cranks, spine locks, bicep/calf slicers (crushers), are legal ONLY in intermediate and advanced Men’s and Women’s No-GI divisions.

  • No grabbing of any clothing, including your own, will be permitted.


Kids and teens 5-15 rules GI and No-GI

  • No Submissions Below The Waist 

  • No Wrist Locks

  • No Biceps Slicers

  • No Neck Cranks

  • No Slams

  • No Scissor Takedown

  • No Bending Fingers

  • No Knee Reaping And No Squeezing Neck With Finger (Rape Choke)

  • Must Wear A Rash guard Or Dry fit Shirt

  • Shorts Cannot Have Pockets Or Any Type Of Metal

  • Groin protectors are illegal

  • No body compression locks 

  • Teen/juvenile - Blue and up intermediate and up are allowed straight ankle and knee bars.  


GI Adults

  • No Knee Reaping

  • No Calf Slicers

  • No Biceps Slicers (white, blue, and purple)

  • No Knee Bars

  • No Heel Hook

  • No Wrist Locks (White Belt)

  • No Neck Cranks

  • No Slams

  • No Scissor Takedown

  • No Toe Holds (white, blue, and purple)

  • No Bending Fingers And No Squeezing Neck With Fingers (Rape Choke)



Super Fight rules are subject to fighter’s agreement